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Cash for your unwanted Old Gold Jewellery

Bullion Store buys your gold jewellery for melting and refining. WE BUY YOUR GOLD COINS IN GOOD CONDITION AT 99% OF SPOT VALUE ! Bringing Trade prices to the Public!

During the past five years the price of gold has more than doubled; this means that a piece

of gold jewellery that you bought or inherited a few years back could now be worth a lot more than you would imagine.
When you send us your unwanted or broken jewellery we analyse how much pure gold is contained in it and give you an accurate valution of your gold. If you are happy with the price we will send your payment within 24h after valuation. Cash in on your gold now!
If you are not completely satisfied with the price then we will send your jewellery back to you with no charges what so ever!

For full information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

We will pay top prices for your scrap gold, scrap silver, scrap platinum, unwanted precious metals and broken jewellery. We buy gold rings, gold bracelets, gold earrings and any gold, silver and platinum jewellery.

We buy precious metals - gold, silver and platinum and we are confident that we pay the best prices on the internet.

We also want gold and silver coins,gold and silver watches, gold teeth, gold fillings and precious metal dental scrap.
Hallmarked gold, non-hallmarked gold,silver and platinum in small or large quantities are also required now.
Our terms and conditions have changed and we have improved our 100% Satisfaction or Gold-Back Guarantee for you!

Please be aware that our competitors can offer a good price but they may charge commissions and handling fees.
The Bullion Store Ltd does not charge any commissions.

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PURITY £PRICE HM 9ct £11.60 HM 14ct £18.04 HM 18ct £23.20 HM 21ct £26.01 HM 22ct £28.35 HM 925 Silver £0.37 HM 950 Platinum £20.91 *HM = Hallmark
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